Friday, October 14, 2005

There's a great deal of buzz surrounding the "oil-for-food" scandal at the UN. Recently, the talk surrounds the issue of Kofi Annan's direct involvement in the scandal. Certainly, this is an important story, particularly as it impacts the UN's reluctance to support the removal of Saddam Hussein.

However, the scandal is ultimately detrimental even to the anti-UN cause, because it serves to obfuscate the fundamental corruption of the UN: by including any and all nations and governments among its members, the UN is necessarily and irredemebly corrupt. It's corrupt on a deeply moral basis, placing dictators and totalitarian regimes on equal footing with free nations (or, as free as exist today). The UN represents moral equivalence on a global scale, and it's a corrupt organization in spite of any specific scandals involving the UN's administrative personnel.

Nevertheless, the scandal does reinforce my opinion that the US should pull out of the UN immediately, ceasing all financial contributions and forcibly removing the organization from our soil. The UN does nothing for us, except place us at the mercy of those very groups that want to destroy us. Only our sanction of the UN, and them along with it, makes such a deplorable situation possible.