Friday, July 13, 2007

Digg Report: Today's #1 Digg, at a healthy 5741 Diggs, is a story about a teacher who teaches a student a lesson. Thus, demonstrating that Digg continues to, well, not evolve.

Putin: Consolidating Power?

It looks like Putin's making some serious preparations for his "leaving office." Either he won't, or it won't really matter because whomever is put in power will have Putin's hand so far... Well, you get the picture.

Putin Getting Worse, Not Better

This is one of the harsher stories I've read about Putin, and you should read it, too. If one were to list the current bad guys, Putin would have to be near the top of the list. One should never forget that what seperates the US and Russian from the rest of the world is that our nuclear weapons number in the thousands, not the hundreds or tens. We don't need a new Cold War (and certainly not a hot one), but Putin seems to be leading us in that direction.

Iraqi Military Making Progress, Politics Not So Much

Cox and Forkum illustrate brilliantly the distinct difference between our military and political handling of the Iraqi war. In spite of having their hands tied behind their backs, constantly shifting priorities and objectives, a splintered, insane strategy, and a lack of proper equipment in many cases, our military is doing an exemplary job of both fighting and training the Iraqi army.

Politics, on the other hand, remains the weak point. And as Cox and Forkum as, whose leaders are the biggest problem, ours or the Iraqi's? (Hint: both).