Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Apple iPhone Hackable

Given Apple's "holier than thou" mentality, I think it's fair to point out that the iPhone was released with some serious security flaws. Essentially, it seems to eminently hackable, and so far Apple's mum on what they're going to do about it.

Chavez Insults One of God's Main Men

Chavez just gained himself a warm place in Hell, by calling a Honduran Cardinal a "clown." I don't think God looks kindly on such namecalling. I'm also sure he was none too pleased when Chavez called Bush "the Devil," since I'm sure God has someone else in mind for that lofty title.

Chavez might as well enjoy live here on Earth, because he's going to Hell in a handback.*

*This is an Objectivist blog, and so any references to "God" are intended as humor. Just in case you were wondering.

Digg Report

Digg Report: Today's #1 Digg, at 3258 Diggs, is a link to a comic about "Education in Kansas." Uh, hee hee?

Hillary Takes Obama to School

Hillary Clinton's going to kick some Obama butt. In the latest Democratic debate, she took him to school on the issue of meeting with our greatest enemies. Now, notice that I meant she took Obama to school on the issue, not that she took someone truly rational.

That, I'm sure, wouldn't happen.

Daniel Pipes Proposes Third Way in Iraq - Just Doesn't Go Far Enough

Daniel Pipes present a compelling third choice between staying in Iraq and leaving completely. Basically, he proposes staying in the deserts, but leaving the cities to the Iraqis.

I don't think he goes far enough. I would make it even more specific: we should build significant and permanent American bases of operations (both Army and Air Force), and use them to stage military actions as needed throughout the Middle East. Our goal in Iraq should not be to solve the Iraqi's internal problems, but to ensure that no government or group can entrench in Iraq that opposes American interests. Maintaining bases would thus accomplish two objectives.

Should Iraq stabilize into a stable, secular government that recognizes individual rights, we can at that point establish formal diplomatic relations and negotiate the terms of retaining our bases. I certainly don't propose that we violate the sovereignty of any nation, but at this point, Iraq is not a sovereign nation.

Putin to Open 2014 Games and Russian President

I find it fascinating that the Russian Olympic Federation is so certain that Putin will be President in 2014 and available to open the 2014 Olympics. Maybe it's just the speculation of one man, but I doubt that he's alone in such beliefs. Hell, I know he's not, because I'm certain that a Putin puppet will play out four years until Putin can be re-elected--and will be.

Hamas Hearts Jimmy Carter

From Gateway Pundit, it appears that Hamas is plently pleased with Jimmy Carter following his blaming the ongoing crisis in Gaza on Bush's support of Fatah. I'm sure that Carter's just tickled pink to be beloved by a terrorist organization--and I mean that in all seriousness. I think the man's gone over the edge, and is happy to garner praise from whatever source.

Iran's Use of Nukes Unlikely? I Wouldn't Bet on It

Personally, I'd like to believe that this guy's correct in that the use of a nuclear weapon by a state like Iran is unlikely. Unfortunately, I don't. I think that religious fervor can easily overcome the sort of secular considerations that prevented a nuclear war between the US and the USSR.

Simply put, Islam believes in martyrdom. One could say, they believe that the more, the better. And so, if a few million Iranians were to be martyred because Iran succeeded in dealing a death blow to Israel, wouldn't that--by some relatively common Islamic principles--be a blessed event?