Sunday, July 08, 2007

Digg Report: Today's #1 Digg, at a paltry 2658 Diggs, is a link to a very untimely picture of some kids blocking the way into school with snow. Slower day even than most at Digg, it would appear.

al Qaeda - More Evidence That They're Losing It

The only positive about the horrendous truck bomb attack in Iraq that left (so far) over 150 dead is that the purpose of the attack--merely to create sectarian tensions--is being openly discussed. al Qaeda is getting desperate, and this is (I hope) going to help our cause. It should be even more difficult for the Left to ignore that it's not the American presense in Iraq that's fueling the "insurgency," but foreigners who wish to simply foment enough horrible violence that eventually America leaves Iraq.

After all, what other purpose could an attack like this serve?

List of Chinese Safety Problems

For those interested in the safety of Chinese products, here's a list. It seems like a significant list, but it's a bit out of context. It would need to be compared to other countries to have real meaning.

Russia Rewrites History

I've always imagined that Putin's read Orwell's 1984. Here's proof.

Any question that Russia is returning to the ways of the Soviet Union should be answered by now.

Russia Delivers American Satellite - ???

And regarding the issue of a Russian rocket delivering an American communications satellite into space, all I can say is: why?

We have a growing private sector space industry, and we contract with Russia for delivery? I just can't find the sense in that.

Happy Birthday, AK-47!!!

Happy Birthday to You!

Yeesh. I can't imagine a mentality that could be proud of an invention that has likely killed more innocent people than any other.

Ahmadinejad Creates Environment of Uncertainty

A little story about life under Iran's President Imajihadi (or whatever his name is). I imagine that being an activist would be awful difficult, not knowing exactly how the crazy bastard might react to any particular act of protest.

Bush Trusts Putin, or So He Says

"Bush's white lie about Putin." That's the headline of this story about Bush's meeting with Putin in Kennebunkport. And that's what I hate most about contemporary politics: Bush appeases Putin by saying that he believes that Putin tells the truth. Certainly, Bush has complex geopolitical issues to deal with regarding Russia, but he could simply refrain from commenting on Putin's veracity--a comment that must be seen by everyone, including Putin, as assinine.

As Ayn Rand said, evil wins only because the good allows it to do so. When Bush compromises with Putin this way, Putin wins by gaining a stature that only Bush can give him.

Chrysler to Import Chinese Autos - Last-Ditch Effort?

It'll be interesting to see how many cars China can sell in the US. With all the concerns about the safety of Chinese products, this might be an uphill battle. And, I think it shows a certain desperation on Chrysler's part, but I suppose they have nothing to lose at this point.

20% of China's Own Consumer Goods Unsafe

There can be a real cost to buying cheap goods. Unless this is fixed, I anticipate great changes with our trade with China. And that's likely an understatement.