Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ayn Rand's Pirate in Real Life? Not so Much

This must be the oddest Ayn Rand reference I've yet run across. It's also likely the least legitimate, although the story's antagonist, "Ragnar Danneskjold" (a true hero from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged) is going after Digg, one of my least favorite social networking sites.

I hate Digg's mob rule mentality, and this guy seems to be exploiting it for some significant financial gain. And so, I suppose I'm a bit conflicted on whether this guy is doing something wrong, although I'll likely find something wrong with it if I think on it hard enough. Which I probably won't do.

Regardless, though, this guy's taken the wrong monicker. Ragnar Danneskjold is more of a Robin Hood figure (stealing back the ill-gotten booty confiscated by an oppressive government), and whoever this guy is, he doesn't fit that particular mold.

Happy Sweet 16!

It's my daughter's 16th birthday today, and so posting might be a bit light.

Jimmy Carter and the Facts of Reality Don't Mix

A little background information on Jimmy Carter, who's important only because he continues to influence the Left on issues as important as Israel. His silly comments about the Bush Administration are just that--silly, and for me, easily dismissed. But his inability to accept the facts of reality, and the respect he still enjoys in many sectors, is a dangerous combination.