Thursday, May 10, 2007

A quickie for tonight, and a comment. The DT is likely to evolve, and in addition to the two new items just added, I'll not promise to keep the Daily Topic to a single one. There might be multiple topics in a given day, or in odd cases not a single one. But, I digress.

This story struck me as fascinating, not for the fact that some significant number of soldiers in Iraq support their own efforts as valid and important. That's no surprise. Rather, it strikes me for what it says about the mainstream media, although that, too, is no surprise.

Power Line says it best, and so I won't be redundant. Just read it.
As a test, I've checked out to see what's #1 (at app. 9:10pm PST). Interestingly, it's a story about Kevin Rose, founder of Digg. That's too narcissistic to count, I think, and even somewhat perverted, and so I'm selecting #2.

At 2778 Diggs (which I'm assuming makes it rather popular), the #2 most popular story is about impeaching Bush. What a shocker.

Not much to say here, really, except that it's almost poetic that such a story presents itself for the inaugural Daily Topic Digg report. I don't like Bush myself, but an impeachment, in today's day and age, is about as partisan as it can get. I haven't read the story, and I won't, because I can guess what it's all about. "Bush lied, people died," or something like that, I wager.

Note: I'm assuming that the number of Diggs will increase over time, and that an article's ranking will change. And, a promise: I'm going to select the articles in as random a fashion as possible, defined as whenever I get an opportunity to post a report. I will not wait for a Leftist story to percolate to the top; if I'm wrong in my hypothesis, and Digg isn't a bellwhether for the Leftist leanings of the IT industry, then I'll stop wasting my time.
Two new regular items will be kicked off soon for the ol' DT. First, I'll be scouring the 'net for celebrities who do not attack America, industry, business, Bush, Cheney, or anyone else not closely affliated with the Left. Second, I'll be selecting the top story (at whatever time I have a chance to select it, and so there will be some pseudo-randomness to it) and evaluating it for whether it's political and, if it is, in which direction it bends.

So, keep an eye out for them (oh ye non-existent readers)...
Well, it's been awhile. The "Daily Topic" has been anything but. It's not been daily, nor has it been particularly topical. However, given a recent sea-change in my employment situation, I'm going to devote more time to this blog and make a run at the whole full-time writer gig. The worst that can happen is I'll fail miserably and my family will end up out on the street.

Let's hope not, shall we?