Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Light Blogging Today

Another light blogging day, as I take care of some personal matters. Likely be some blogging tomorrow.

MEMRI Provides Essay by Liberal Iraq Kurd on Attack on Yazida Community

Here's a piece from MEMRI providing an essay by an Iraqi Kurd, Hussein Sinjari, on the horrendous attack on the Yazidi community and on minorities in the Middle East in general. When one considers this particular attack, no sane, rational person can consider the "insurgency" in Iraq as anything but an effort to destory any semblence of freedom in that country and replace it with Islamic totalitarianism. And, none can consider that those who support such a regime would have any reason or intention to stop at Iraq.

Some quotes:

"The squalid terrorism that targeted the Yazidis in the Sinjar region is an indication of the great weakness in the political will of the Kurdish leadership. Before the latest terror attack… there were many indications that the terror cells were markedly stepping up their activities in this region and were targeting the Yazidis in particular and the Kurds in general…

"In Kurdistan, and in… Kirkuk, Sinjar, and Khanaqin, the vile terrorists are trying to reserve front-row seats in Paradise, which is becoming more crowded day by day with scum, murderers, and conscienceless, malicious fanatics. This has reached the point where it will be perplexingly [difficult] for the management of Paradise, in this state of affairs, to provide the overwhelming numbers of female angels and boy-servants to these barbaric criminals who are so hungry and thirsty for sex…

"They want to buy a ticket to Paradise with the blood and agony of innocents. What teachings, of what belief system - what verses permit all of this killing, destruction, and hellfire, with all its agony? The obscurantist suicide bombers, who hate life, hope, beauty, love, happiness, construction, and development in this life, hate those 'others' who do not resemble them in their religion, habits, customs, ways of thinking, ways of worship, and in their robes and beards.

"By targeting the Yazidis, the terrorists are saying loud and clear - and this is the correct interpretation of their criminal activities in the Kurdish regions that the Saddam dictatorship tried to Arabize and Ba'thize and separate from Kurdistan - that they have come [to carry out] raids and conquests, drawing their poison-tipped swords…"

There's so much more to quote, but I don't want to overdo it. Read the entire piece if you want to understant what the "insurgency" in Iraq is really about. If you come away still thinking it's about America's "occuption," then you must simply want to believe it--because the evidence certainly doesn't back you up.