Friday, July 06, 2007

Digg Report: Today's #1 Digg, at a light 3246 Diggs, congratulates Diggsters on "bringing down" an alleged piracy honeypot. The comments demonstrate a "guilty before proven innocent" mentality, even though I hope such a honeypot exists for catching intellectual property thieves.

Americans Prepared To Vote Black and Female

Hopefully, Americans are prepared to vote for the right President, regardless of whether he's black and she's, well, a woman. A single vote for a woman or a black man rather than for a candidate who stands for the right things is a vote to perpetuate racism.

Party Guest Locates the Rest of the Family

And for today's gruesome story, we head to Belgium.

Google Earth Shows Chinese Sub

I'm assuming--just assuming, mind you--that this picture of China's new nuclear sub, or others like it, had already been reviewed in detail by the military. Catching it on Google Earth had better be coincidental, or someone's ass should be pretty well reamed by now.

"Sicko" Creates Mob Mentality

If enough people have this sort of reaction to Michael Moore's "Sicko," then our helathcare system in trouble. There's nothing worse than an ill-informed mob out to lynch someone.

Boing Boing, of course, sees this as just the greatest thing.

Boing Boing Takes a Swipe at Disney

This is generally an interesting story about efficiency, where Disney animators reuse animation sequences when possible. For an animator in particular, it's probably of some professional interest.

Boing Boing, though, has to take a cheap shot and throw out the headline, "Disney animators swipe from themselves." I'm sure it's supposed to be a joke, but given their take on intellectual property, it's easy to see it as a subtle display of how Boing Boing just doesn't really understand intellectual property at all.