Monday, May 14, 2007

Michael Moore is at the top of my list of anti-American scum. He's not particularly more heinous than many others, but he's much more vocal and manipulative than most. He'll do anything, no matter how despicable, distasteful, or downright evil, to make a point--and his points are often multi-faceted in their intellectual atrocity.

Take his most recent affair, the trip to Cuba for healthcare. If he had been genuinely concerned about the 9/11 "heroes" (as he calls them here; I'm sure he calls them something else, elsewhere), he would have taken them to a place where healthcare was at least first-world. Taking them to Cuba, where healthcare is, in general, less than human, is disgusting; giving the Cuban dictatorship a highly-visible opportunity to showcase the decent healthcare that they reserve for themselves--as if it's the Cuban standard--is evil.

Cuba doesn't need any additional propaganda from the Left. And if Michael Moore looks in a full-length mirror, he'll see his character looking back at him.
Why should it be any surprise that the Soviet Un... er, Russia... is getting away with committing acts of war against another nation? Iran has been committing acts of war against the United States since 1979 (if not before), with nary a scratch to show for it. It continues in Iraq, of course, thus demonstrating that far from being warmongering, we're actually peaceful to a deadly fault.

I maintain my position that the war in Iraq (and, by extention, in Afghanistan) is wrong only because Iran should have been our first target.
Will Warming Chill the Global Economy? That's Businessweek's question, and I think the answer's obvious. Of course it will, and the effects will be even more egregious given the uncertaintly about global warming (as readers of this blog will come to know, I believe it's all a lot of, ahem, hot air). It's one thing to spend money on an insurance policy, it's another to do so at the point of a gun, i.e., through taxation.

And to think it's the likes of Al Gore who are responsible. Yeesh.
Boing Boing's at it again, advertising a method for breaking Apple's DRM and thus for violating the terms of one's purchase agreement. Nobody has any excuse at this point for failing to understand that a song bought from iTunes has certain restrictions attached.

If one doesn't like those restrictions, then one buys his music from another source or buys the CD and rips it.
Celebrity Report: Okay, my Google alerts are going crazy, and since it's what I'm working on at the moment, I have yet another Celebrity Report. I mentioned Jon Voigt earlier, and here he is going off on the Left. Here he is again, on video. And here's a decent interview.

Gotta love it.
Celebrity Report: At the risk of turning this nascent blog into a celebrity rag, here's a fictional account about conversations with Jon Voigt and Frank Miller in a surprisingly non-Lefty Malibu venue. I've read some encouraging stuff about Voigt, but I'd always imagined that Miller was a Lefty. I'll have to keep my eye out.
Celebrity Report: It's Bruce Willis again, this time his denying ever offering a reward for finding Saddam Hussein. Funny, but I remember watching an interview where he said something suspiciously like that, and so I'm surprised that he's saying this. I can't find the interview, but I'm still looking.