Saturday, June 30, 2007

Digg Report: Today's #1 Digg, at 5309 Diggs, is a story about a woman who tries to buy a bunch of iPhones and fails.

Big doin's over at Digg today.

Cheney Lied, and Fish Died

It's getting ever more amazing how politicized the news--and the process of governing--is becoming. Clinton gives China highly sensitive missille technology and gets a pass, Cheney is accused of killing some salmon and he's being probed by Congress.

Immigration vs. Collectivism

An interesting take on the immigration issue. What Nicholas Provenzo describes here is just another form of collectivism, which he identifies specifically as xenophobia. I agree, for the most part.

It's somewhat incidental to Provenzo's essay, but living in Southern California, I can say that many immigrants (legal or otherwise) would benefit greatly from learning the English language. I think many don't because they have no intention to stay for very long. Others don't because they isolate themselves in Latino enclaves where they don't have any reason to learn English, which is of course perfectly within their rights but it necessarily limits their opportunities.

And that little bit is irrelevant, practically speaking, because even that propensity doesn't last long. By about the 2nd or 3rd generation, the assimilation has already pretty much concluded.

Do Stem Cells Have Souls? Do Celery Stalks?

It's truly remarkable that such clashes between science and religion still occur in the 21st Century. This sounds like a debate between Galileo and the Pope.

Islamic Children Brutalized as Farfour Beaten to Death

This is so brutally evil that it's hard to put it into words. Apparently, the Islamic "Mickey Mouse" character, "Farfour," was depicted as beaten to death by an Israeli official to close out the show. The children's show, I might add.

And yet, people still place Israel on the same moral plane as the Islamists bent to destroy her.

Iran is Appeased, Again

"(The UN has) a readiness to accept Tehran's current program, at least initially, in hopes of reducing tensions and creating an atmosphere for negotiations." Isn't that pretty much the definition of appeasement?