Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ayn Rand said that emotions result from our most basic (and subconsciously integrated) philosophical premises. I agree with this, and believe that this sort of research inverses cause and effect. In fact, I'd say it proves Rand correct, if one looks at it from this perspective:

Your subconscious is like a computer—more complex a computer than men can build—and its main function is the integration of your ideas. Who programs it? Your conscious mind. If you default, if you don't reach any firm convictions, your subconscious is programmed by chance—and you deliver yourself into the power of ideas you do not know you have accepted. But one way or the other, your computer gives you print-outs, daily and hourly, in the form of emotions—which are lightning-like estimates of the things around you, calculated according to your values. If you programmed your computer by conscious thinking, you know the nature of your values and emotions. If you didn't, you don't. - The Ayn Rand Letter Vol. III, No. 7, December 31, 1973.

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