Monday, July 09, 2007

140,000 Turkish Troups on Iraqi Border?

This can't be good. Turkey has put 140,000 soldiers on its border with Iraq, obviously in response to Kurdish motions for independence. I don't really know the history here, but the Kurds seem the most "civilized" of the various factions.

The minute the US leaves Iraq, all hell will break loose. And it's probably a hell that's been building up for decades, and likely needs to work itself out on its own.

I become less and less certain that we're doing any good in Iraq, even beyond my fundamental belief that we should have deposed Saddam Hussein, imposed a US-style Constitutional republic, and then enforced it, harshly if necessary, until the Iraqi people accepted it. At the same time, we should have made it perfectly clear to Iran and Syria (and, apparently, Turkey, ostensibly an ally) that interference would not be tolerated.

That's not what we've done, however, and we're paying the price. And I have no idea what the right answer is at this point.

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