Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feds Use Keylogger to Nab Criminal, IT Industry Doesn't Like It

Why is it that the IT industry seems to be so anti-law enforcement? Of course, no investigative method is foolproof, and some criminals will eventually find ways around it. And, some methods might offer the means for criminals to turn the table and use the technology for nefarious purposes (wiretapping is one example).

But as technology progresses, so too should law enforcement's use of it. Otherwise, I think it becomes obvious that committing crimes will become ever easier. Yet it seems like most (and by most, I mean, almost all) prominent tech blogs either pooh pooh the technology as useless or accuse it of some fictional invasion of privacy.

One might think that the industry would instead work closely with law enforcement to both develop new and effective methods of catching criminals and ensure that the technology is limited to law enforcement. But there doesn't seem to be much of that; instead, as in this story, they just suggest ways to avoid the technology that is developed.

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