Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Presidential Power the Greatest Since, Well, the Last Major War

What I find most interesting about this story is the line about Bush being "the most powerful American leader since at least WWII." I got to this story via Digg, which of course implied that the story is about Bush being so powerful, when in fact it's about growing Presidential power in general beginning in the 20th Century. But then, that's just Digg's typical anti-Bush slant.

What struck me most about that particular line, though, is that we're at war today, making the correlation between now and WWII painfully obvious to anyone willing to see it. And, the stakes are just as high, and far more complex (or, at least, we're making it that way, by waging war against an ideology instead of against those States that sponsor it).

That subtlety would be lost, of course, on the Diggsters, but unfortunately on many other Americans, as well.

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