Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yaron Brook on Israel and the West's Response to Radical Islam

Here's a fascinating story on Israel and the West's approach to radical Islam, all from a decidedly Objectivist viewpoint. It's definitely worth a careful reading.

Some choice bits:

"You don't fight a tactic," (Brook) said in his talk. "Terrorism is a tactic, and I believe we have to look at the ideological source of terrorism in order to identify the true enemy."

"We don't have the guts, the courage, the self-esteem to even identify who the enemy is. We couch it in terms of terrorists who happen to be Muslims who are 'hijacking a great religion.' We're afraid to say 'Islamic anything': Islamic fascism, totalitarianism, whatever you want to call it." The fear stems, he said, from the academic trend of multiculturalism, in which all cultures are morally equal, and moral relativism, in which "anything goes" in human behavior.

Much more good stuff in there.

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