Monday, August 20, 2007

Ahmadinejad Invited to Visit Iraq - Yes. the Iraq He's Destabilizing

I now officially feel like I'm living in Alice in Wonderland. The Iraqi government has invited Iranian President Imajihadi (or whatever his name is) for a visit. This makes me doubt the Iraqi government even more, and makes the war even more painful to endure. It also makes me wonder if there's direct collusion between the Shiite elements of the Iraqi government and Imajihadi.

Rather than handling Iraq like Japan and Germany, we've now turned Iraq into a potential Iranian ally. Our leader's pathetic and inexcusable misunderstanding of "democracy," thinking that a vote is the same thing as freedom, is a large part of why this is happening. The rest is pure altruism, thinking that our goal in Iraq was ever or should ever have been to build a better world for the Iraqi people.

I'm now leaning in the direction of thinking the "war" is truly hopeless, because the best we'll be able to come up with is another stable Islamic dictatorship. Even carving out the Kurds and letting them setup a secular state wouldn't work, because Turkey would be all over that.

And before anyone blames Bush and his administration alone, let's not forget that it's the entire US government that plays by the same altruistic rules. Very few polititions were prepared to fight the kind of war we needed to fight, which was to root out the Baa'thist factions immediately, and more important force Syria and Iran to stay out of it. Our rules of engagement should have been like in any other war--shoot the enemy on sight, and bomb strategic and tactical targets with full knowledge that collateral damage was possible. Far fewer Iraqis would be dead today if we'd finished this as we should have years ago.

End of rant. I think I'll go empty my stomach now.

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