Friday, August 10, 2007

Ahmadinejad Losing Support?

Here's a positive spin by The Telegraph on Imajihadi's (or whatever his name is) chances of being reelected. And, it's one I would love to believe: a sort of mini-utopia where the youthful reformers movement manages to elect enough moderates and reformists that even the power "Council of Guardians" can't game this election like they did the last one.

But I have three thoughts on this. First, I'm not that optimistic that any secular force will succeed in determining Iran's future. Second, Imajihadi will be in power through 2009, which gives him plenty of time to continue causing havoc. Third, in reading the linked story, I wonder who really holds the power and is ultimately responsible for the proxy war Iran is fighting against the US in Iraq; if it's the religious sector, then not much will change no matter who's elected.

And, it doesn't change a thing for now. Iran must be forced to end this proxy war, and to give up its nuclear aspirations. And so while this story is positive, it's irrelevant for now.

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