Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ayn Rand Supported Israel - You Should Too

Just for the record, Ayn Rand supported Israel. As Yaron Brook said in a story in the International Jerusalem Post:

“We view what happens in Israel as an indicator of what will happen in the rest of the world. To the extent America abandons Israel, it abandons itself Israel is a beacon of civilization in a barbaric, backward area,” Brook said on a recent trip here to visit family with his wife, also an Israeli expatriate, and their two children.

“Israel represents, despite its flaws, the values of the West; individual rights, free speech, freedom of the press, equality before the law and the rule of law.” Objectivism upholds values generally associated with Western culture — individualism, reason, and science - but its distinctive development is a moral ideal of “selfishness,” whereby someone’s own happiness is a moral responsibility.

Anyone who can't see the difference between Israel and the rest of the Middle East either isn't looking or is blinded by an agenda (or proselytizing for it).

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