Saturday, August 18, 2007

MTV's Kurt Loder Rips Into "Sicko"

I was pleasantly surprised to find a very rational and thorough review of Michael Moore's "Sicko" by none other than MTV's Kurt Loder. Now, I know it's not good to generalize people, but I wouldn't have expected anyone from the MTV staff to be so rational about such a topic. My apoligies to Kurt Loder.

But, on to the story. We all know (or should) that Michael Moore is a sensationalist who will twist any statistic or anecdote to make a particular point. His movies are not documentaries, they're fictional and based only thinly on valid evidence. He's even admitted as such in the past, and I believe this to be a fair paraphrase: he's a propagandist, not a documentarian.

In the linked review, Kurt Loder does as well as anyone I've read to show just how one-sided and misleading Moore has been with "Sicko." And, contrary to most reviews, Loder even points out that getting government out of healthcare would be the only real solution. I've pointed out in the past myself that healthcare has been on a dangerous path since the 1930's, when the Blue Cross/Blue Shield entities were first established with government blessings.

I won't quote from the review, because it's fairly well-composed. That is, there's not much that doesn't flow and so if quoted would be taken out of context. So, I recommend that you go read it yourself.

It's well worth the time.

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