Friday, August 17, 2007

Oliver Stone Asks Again to Make Movie about Ahmadinejad

Celebrity Report: Two in one day, that's a first (I think). This one's about Oliver Stone making a second request to make a movie about Iranian President Imajihadi (or whatever his name is).

The money quote:

"I believe that the dialogue between the Iranian and the US people is necessary today and making this film is a contribution to meeting the need," part of the email reads.

"A wrong and inappropriate picture of Islam is drawn in the US media and this film provides an opportunity to correct the picture."

Wow. There are so many errors in those two lines that I wouldn't know where to start in identifying them. One, it's hard to imagine how a movie about Imajihadi would create a dialog between the Iranian and American people. Second, I agree that the US media paints an inaccurate picture of Islam, but only because it doesn't show the religion as oppressive, political, and inherently susceptible to violence as it really is.

That's all I'll go into for now. Stone's a wacko, I think that's fairly well know. But this takes the cake.

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