Monday, August 13, 2007

Putin Continues Harsh Rhetoric

Putin continues to turn up the heat. He just doesn't like the West infringing on former Soviet states. This story in the Financial Times basically summarizes what's been going on now for some time.

Relevant quotes:

Washington insists the anti-missile system is to deal with “rogue” states, but Mr Putin has said the installations would risk turning Europe into “a powder keg” and has threatened to retarget Russian missiles on Europe if the US goes ahead with the plan, opening the most serious rift in Moscow’s relations with Washington since the cold war.

Regarding moves back towards a command economy:

Mr Putin said fulfilment of plans to double Russia’s annual production of military aircraft by 2025 would require a radical shake-up of domestic aircraft engine manufacturing capacity. “The competitiveness of aircraft engines produced in our country today is, unfortunately, low, extremely low.”

The government plans to consolidate aircraft engine manufacturing companies into a large, state-controlled holding similar to Oboronprom, the helicopter monopoly, and Rosoboron export, the state arms export company.

And Putin sounds a little like Iranian President Imajihadi (or whatever his name is) when it comes to announcing weapons that can't be defeated:

The Navy also announced that Russia was ready to launch serial production of its new Bulava submarine launched intercontinental nuclear missile which Putin has said can penetrate any defence system.

However, military experts said testing of the Bulava was incomplete and that the Navy chief was sabre rattling.

Read the whole thing.

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