Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Russia Continues Showing Two Faces

Russia needs to decide whether it wants to join in the European missile shield program, or whether it wants to continue seeing it as a threat to Russia. Because continuing to talk about alternatives to the American plan while developing new weapons to defeat the system is just self-contradictory and tiresome.

Other than merely envying America's currently dominating role in the world, I just don't see much reason for Russia to believe that the West is a threat to them. Sure, we're cozying up to some of Russia's neighbors, but Russia isn't supposed to be an enemy any longer. They're supposed to be a "democracy," (in quotes because I hate that term), and "democracies" aren't supposed to fight wars. At least, it's never happened in the past.

Perhaps Russia perceives a threat because it knows itself that its turn toward totalitarianism (of a more national socialist nature) will eventually bring it at odds with the West. Hell, maybe it's already happening. As far as I can tell, Russia has no intention of joining the West and supporting individual rights (to the extent that the West does so, of course), and so perhaps it's just preparing itself for the inevitable.

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