Friday, August 03, 2007

Russia Plants Flag at North Pole

Well, they've gone and done it. Russia has planted a flag on the sea floor at the North Pole. It has no legal standing, of course, any more than the American flag planted on the Moon means that we own it. But to Russia, it's more than just symbolism.

The only economic strength that Russia has is its energy resources. It will do anything it can to exploit them, and to grow them. And so I expect some serious wrangling over this territory, and I don't expect it to be pretty.


W. Shedd said...

Another bit of misrepresentation.

The facts are - Russia already owns most of the Arctic Ocean. That was decided by the U.N. when coastal areas of control were increased to 230 miles. The portion of the Arctic that remains as yet undivided has been considered for division by the UN via several methods, as follows: 1) Geology, 2) Median Line Method, and 3) Sector Method. All three methods give Russia the majority of the remaining Arctic Ocean and the differences between the 3 methods are relatively small considering the size of Russian claims to the Arctic. There is no debate that the Arctic will eventually be divided, it is simply a question of HOW.

It is amazing to me that newspapers and especially blogs would write about this topic without doing even a small amount of research. Isn't the purpose of a blog to point out the shortcomings of the conventional news media? The division of the Arctic Ocean has been an ongoing topic for many years (particularly the last half-dozen years). There are numerous articles in newspapers and other forums on the topic. Why not do a little research on the topic first?

Regurgitating a poorly written newspaper article, without pointing out the areas it misses or ignores, is simply laziness.

Mark said...

Thanks for the comments, and I'll certainly have to do some additional research.