Thursday, August 16, 2007

Russian Region Holds "Conception Day," Woman has Caesarian to Win Prize

Here's a Boing Boing article that I'm not going to attack: it seems that the Ulyanovsk region of Russia has been experiencing such a population decline that it's holding a "Conception Day" where prizes are handed out to new parents.

There was even a special prize for... Hell, I'll just quote:

The 2007 grand prize went to Irina and Andrei Kartuzov, who received a UAZ-Patriot, an SUV made in Ulyanovsk. They told reporters they were planning to have another child anyway when they heard about the contest.

Irina Kartuzova had to have a Caesarian section to deliver the baby and it was scheduled for June 12.

The selection committee chose the Kartuzovs from among the 78 couples because of their ``respectability'' and ``commendable parenting'' of their two older children, a spokesman for the governor said.

Of all the reasons to have a Caesarian section, this one takes the prize. Literally.

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