Saturday, August 04, 2007

Secure You're Wireless Network (Will be Obvious to Some)

Just a quick public service announcement: if you're wireless network isn't secure or you spend time on unsecured public networks, and if you're not using encrypted connections to your email provider, you're juts asking for trouble.

It's trivial for someone to get all the information they need to make your life a living hell. I once had someone hack into my PayPal account (because I was an idiot and used a weak password for both my Yahoo! email account and for PayPal), change the information on my bank and credit card accounts, and in general hijack my identity. I acted quickly enough--or should I say, PayPal acted quickly enough by calling me about a suspicious transaction--that nothing really bad happened, but I spent the next few weeks closing and opening all sorts of accounts.

So, get that security thing going, eh? My apologies if I sound preachy.

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