Sunday, August 05, 2007

Some More on "Sicko"

Here's a nice short essay on "Sicko," by our favorite Leftist, Michael Moore. Some quotes:

One of "Sicko's" recommended models, the so-called free medical system in Sweden, requires a 13.9 percent gross income tax with no exemptions on total personal income, plus employer and general fund contributions to pay for it. This, when coupled with a co-pay system that collects from patients $13 to $30 for each doctor visit, prescription, and specialist consultations at clinics, by definition makes the Swedish medical system not a free lunch.


In fact, it can be argued some welfare state healthcare systems such the U.K.'s are evolving into two systems based upon who pays. Those who have means to pay have access to spa-like personal service, and those who don't want to, or those who do not have the means, join waiting lists and in many cases receive treatment in a Spartan-like environment.

It's a short piece, and barely scratches the surface, but worth a quick read nonetheless.

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