Monday, September 10, 2007

UN Human Rights Commissioner Attends Anti-US/Anti-Israeli Conference

It never fails to amaze me how inherently corrupt is the United Nations. One would think that the organization would have lost all legitimacy with the "Oil for Food" scandal, but that story was relatively buried in the mainstream press. Now, via Gateway Punding, we have news on the UN Commissioner for Human Rights attending a meeting of the "Non-Aligned Movement," headed by Cuba.

Some of this oganizations past work include the following:

This is the same group that agreed to bash just one country in their declaration of human rights, Israel, by:

"Expressing deep concern on the cultural uprooting which is continuously unfolding in the Palestinian occupied territory and the occupied Syrian Golan on the basis of such doctrines by the occupying power.

"Oh, and the group also denounced:

"The attempts to identify any culture with terrorism, violence and human rights violations."

You wouldn't want to do that!

Someday, maybe we'll get some sense and pull the US from the UN altogether. We have NATO, which is all we need.

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