Sunday, June 10, 2007

It might seem like I'm picking on Techdirt, but I'm not, really. There's just a surplus of posts in my RSS reader, and I'm just now cleaning out my Techdirt folder. Nevertheless...

This post says "While we're generally suspicoius of vendor-funded surveys..." I wonder why. Are they equally suspicious of government-funded surveys, or NGO-sponsored surveys, or tech group-sponsored surveys? Most surveys are funded by some entitity with an agenda, whether it's obvious or not. It shows Techdirt's anti-business bias that they only mention vendors in this context.

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Mike said...

Actually, we point out bias when we spot it, whether gov't or business.

To accuse us of somehow having an "anti-business bias" is so laughable I don't even know how to respond. We are simply pro-innovation, and I've yet to see how that could possibly be seen as anti-business.

If you can point out an actually example of how we're anti-business, when most of what we do is help businesses make better decisions to grow their markets, I'd be interested in seeing it. Otherwise, I'd ask you to retract your mistake.