Sunday, June 10, 2007

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Not only does Google maintain extensive information on our individual Internet activities, but it also has a tendency to be cavalier with intellectual property in general. The problem for the IT Left is that Google has long been their darling, acting as a foil against the company they really consider evil, Microsoft.

Will they accept privacy concerns with Google that they would accept from no other company? It remains to be seen which will take precedence, their hatred of Microsoft or their inherent dislike of business in general. I have no illusions, of course, that they'll be at all concerned about intellectual property.

Note that I'm not convinced that there are general "privacy" concerns in what Google is doing. Once my activities leave my computer, I'm not sure that they're any longer under my control. What happens on my computer should remain private, but that has as much to do with how I use my computer and what software I run.


Gledwood said...

Google don't want copyright laws at all, unless they make THEM money. Yeah they're exceedingly cavalier. I have adsense and as far as I can discern from their inexplicable California-Law contract I'm not allowed any other ads by anyone else because of it. All for about 2c a week. O i feel a rant coming on so I'd better go. Nice blog. I like your Point of View. I'm at if you wanna come by you're most welcome. Ok all the best

gledwood "vol 2" ...

Mark said...

Thanks for the comments, and for visiting. I'm not aware of any California-specific aspect to AdSense, but it sounds like I should look into it. I live in the Valley.

I'll check out your blog and again, thanks for stopping by.