Sunday, July 15, 2007

Boing Boing: How to Violate Your Agreement with Microsoft

Once again, Boing Boing publishes a means for breaking the law, i.e., for removing the DRM from music clearly sold under the agreement that the DRM woul remain in place. Boing Boing simply has no compunctions about helping people break the law.

And on a simliar note, please everybody: Fair Use does not allow the copying of CDs and DVDs. It doesn't allow for the ripping of songs from CDs, or of video from DVDs. In fact, Fair Use has absolutely nothing to do with such things. Rather, it only allows for snippets of works to be used for such purposes as scholarly research. So, where Boing Boing says "To actualize fair use rights with the new IBX...," they're misusing such a basic aspect of intellectual property right law as to make them appear completely ignorant. Which they might be.

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