Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bush Not Considering a Withdrawal?

It looks like earlier speculation that Bush might be considering withdrawing from Iraq may have been unfounded. I certainly hope so. Until we've accomplished something--anything--meaningful, and until the Iraqi government (and it better be a pro-American government) has some control over things, I don't think we can leave.

And, I should add, I don't think we should really ever leave. I think we need to build bases in Iraq, just as we do in Europe.

Finally, I should also point out: I consider Iraq a miserable failure and the wrong target in the first place. Our handling of the war--as a "liberation" as opposed to defeating an enemy state--has been appalling and has unecessarily sacrificed American lives. But again, at this point, the victory to our enemies would be so great were we to withdraw now that doing so is impossible. My first paragraph in this post shouldn't be taken to mean that I'm a supporter of the war in Iraq.

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