Sunday, July 22, 2007

Take-Two Exploits Murder in Video Game

Video games seem to become ever darker and more violent, rendering them in many cases no longer appropriate for the very market they target (or, any market, for that matter, except the twisted and psychotic). It's as if Disney started making animations with little snippets of porn in them (we'll set aside the flatulance and other items of simple poor taste that grace kid's movies lately).

This one, a "football" simulation that includes O.J. Simpson as a player and features a trailer with a knife-wielding hooded "mascot" goes as far as any. Worse, even, because although the Grand Theft Auto series feature some of the worst elements (pimps, prostitutes, theft, etc.), they're at least all fictional.

There's nothing innocent or innocuous about this. It's pure exploitation, and I hope the company that made it (Take-Two) gets ground into the dirt.

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