Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ahmadinejad to Syria: We'll Buy You Arms, if You'll Never Make Peace with Israel

Iran President Imajihadi (or whatever his name is) has promised Syria's Assad military funding if Syria avoids entering into a peace agreement with Israel. Some important quotes:

The two leaders signed a comprehensive agreement on strategic cooperation between Tehran and Damascus, according to which Iran will transfer a billion dollars to Syria for the purchase of 400 advanced T-72 Russian tanks, 18 MiG-31 warplanes, eight Sukhoi fighter jets and eight Mikoyan helicopters.

In addition, Iran will help Syria set up a mid-range missile manufacturing plant and equip the Syrian army with Iranian-made armored vehicles and tanks.

The deal states that the Syrian navy will receive C-801 and C-802 missiles, which were developed by China and are currently being produced also in Iran, as well as training for its air force and navy officers in Iran. Tehran will also assist Syria in developing a nuclear research program and advance its biological weapons capabilities.

And then, there's this part:

In return for Iran’s military assistance and its promise to back Syria on the Lebanon issue, Assad pledged not to enter peace talks with Israel. According to the agreement, Ahmadinejad will exert his influence to prevent the Lebanese parliament from convening to elect a new president to replace Emile Lahoud, who will be stepping down in the coming weeks.

Ahmadinejad also committed to continue working toward toppling Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s government.

Finally, a little bit more on Imajihadi's ominous references to the summer (of which there's not much left, admittedly):

Asked about the possibility of another war breaking out in the region, the Iranian president replied, 'We hope the summer will bring victories to the region's nations and failures to their enemies.' He refused to elaborate.

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