Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ayn Rand Institute on 2007 Farm Bill

Here's a quick piece from the Ayn Rand Institute on the 2007 Farm Bill. Just a quick quote:

"The focus of Americans' energy concerns should be the continuing growth and progress of industrial civilization, which progressively improves the length and quality of our lives--including our ability to cope with any bad weather. This requires liberating energy producers of all kinds to produce and sell abundant, cheap energy. The new 'progressive' farm bill does the exact opposite. It enables contribution-grubbing, central-planning energy ignoramuses in Washington to whimsically bestow favors or impose punishments on energy producers--while at the same time continuing to pass legislation that severely restricts the production of practical, plentiful, life-giving energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Now go read the rest.

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