Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Did Russia Fire Missile into Georgian Territory?

Did they or didn't they? Georgia is accusing Russia of firing a missile from a fighter in Georgian airspace in an "act of aggression." Russia, of course, denies it. Personally, I believe the flyover was on purpose, but maybe the missile release was accidental.

Some excerpts:

President Mikhail Saakashvili visited the site of the incident, where missile debris bearing Cyrillic writing was found, and demanded a condemnation from the European Union. "This is not Georgia's problem. This a problem for European security and safety," he said. "This was a provocation calculated for only one reason - to disrupt the peace in Georgia. This is sowing panic in society and [is aimed at] changing the political course of the country," said the pro-Western President.

This follows along with Russian's general attitude toward the pro-Western Georgian government:

Russia has gradually tightened the screws on the former Soviet republic since the 2004 election of Mr Saakashvili, who wants to take Georgia into Nato and the EU. Georgia is virtually under a complete trade embargo ordered by the Kremlin, with Russia having banned wine and mineral water exports, halted transport links and recently introduced visa restrictions against the Georgians.

I hope that we continue to support Georgia, and I doubt that we're doing enough.

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