Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hillary Clinton's True Character

Here's a rather in-depth (and well worth it) essay by Ed Cline in The Rule of Reason, on the paper that Hillary Clinton wrote during college and is apparently circulating the Internet (although this is the first I've heard of it). It's an appalling and, frankly, frightening look into Clinton's character, and until some other candidate is defined so clearly it makes her the least desirable.

Mr. Cline's essay is long, but I'll post the quote that best sums up Clinton (and note that there's a great deal of analysis that backs this up):

It takes a village, or a Toohey, or an Alinsky, to fill such a void. This is a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Hillary has progressed from doubting the effectiveness of massive government programs to help the poor to seeing them as the only answer, in the name of “social justice.” Like Alinsky, like Toohey, she wishes to crush the individualist independence of Americans and replace it with dependence on the state – and she would be the state – chiefly because she has grown to fear and hate independence in anyone.

No matter how slickly “human” she presents her made-over self to the public in debates or during interviews, one can still detect in her the desire to kill in every American his integrity, self-respect, sense of values, the heroic, and happiness. When she left Wellesley, she decided to become the “star,” someone whom uncounted others would come to depend on and thank for that dependence.

Read the whole thing. It's well worth it.

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