Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Bomb Explodes, and Then Explodes Again

As I think I've mentioned before, I'm all for our military developing the most powerful weapons imaginable. It's called deterrence, you see: the more powerful we are, the less likely some tinpot dictator is to start something with us (or, the not-so-tinpot dictators, as well).

Well, it appears our military agrees, because it's developed a bomb that not only explodes, but is made of reactive materials that themselves explode upon contact. And interestingly enough, they should even appeal to the anti-war crowd, for whom the alternative, cluster bombs, have been such an issue. See, the new bomb won't leave behind any unexploded ordnance (or, I suppose, not much).

There are those who think such constant improvements in weaponry is just the military-industrial complex gone mad. But that's only because they refuse to recognize that there really are bad people out there who plan very bad things for us (and by that, I mean Americans) for any number of reasons. There are evil things happening all over the planet with which the US is completely uninvolved, and yet there are those who think that only America is capable of doing wrong.

I'm just glad that others, like the inventors of this kind of weaponry, don't give a damn what they think and just keep coming up with good stuff.

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